Roof survey

Inspecting your roof

The first step is for us to check you roof. See what absolutely needs doing and what is advised to fix once we would start the job. The inspection can be quite quick but can also take up to half an hour. It all depends on the condition of the roof and the weather.

Damp issues in the house

How to detect a leak

Weird stains on a wall or sealing are one of the clearest indications somewhere something is leaking. Sometimes a leak is very hard to detect from the outside so knowing exectly where the leak is visible inside of the property helps us to look for the leak at the right spot.

Any type of Roof

We have experience with all roofs

Over all the years we have dealt with all types of roofs and can install or repair any type of roofing system. Slate, Clay, Asphalt, Rubber, Steel, the list keeps getting bigger and bigger. On top of that we also keep in touch with the latest innovations in roofing to make sure we are the best roofers for the job.